Block Malicious IPs in pfSense

Blocking unnecessary traffic on your network is a great way to improve performance, security and privacy. Reducing the amount of traffic leaves more bandwidth available for the traffic you actually want and blocking malicious sites reduces the risk that you will download something potentially dangerous onto your computer. It also means that if you do … Read more

Customising Pi-hole block lists: adding local and third-party rules

While ad-blocking generally results in a faster, more secure and less cluttered browsing experience it is not without its drawbacks. Increasingly pages are refusing to work with ad-blockers and links will redirect to an advertising or tracking domain before redirecting you to the page you requested. In these cases, rather than enhancing your browsing experience, … Read more

Pi-hole: an open source ad-blocker for your home or company

In the enterprise it is common practice for the network administrator to filter or block certain content which may be inappropriate for a work or educational environment. By using open source technology it is possible to implement DNS level content blocking for your home network. Why block content? There are several reasons why one might … Read more