Handling multiple auto-incrementing progress bars in PowerShell

Screenshot of script extract

When writing scripts it is often useful to know which step is currently being executed. We can do this by periodically printing a status message to the screen but PowerShell provides a more elegant way in the form of the Write-Progress cmdlet. Using this cmdlet we can print the current status to the screen only … Read more

Say goodbye to print() with the Python logging module

Example code demonstrating the use of the Python logging module

The logging module provides the capacity to create multiple logger objects each with different properties, allowing for flexibility over the routing of log messages. By using logging instead of print statements to provide feedback on the operation of our code we make it more maintainable and easier to home in on the specific information needed when investigating bugs.

Tar on Linux – File Storage and Retrieval

Tar is a common file archive format on Linux and other UNIX or UNIX-like systems. Like the zip file format, the tar format allows you to combine multiple files in to a single archive. Tar provides many options for compression and file formats making it suitable for many use cases. However, it has gained a … Read more

UniFi Controller Setup on Ubuntu 20.04LTS

Header image. UniFi settings page

Ubiquiti’s UniFi product lineup has seen enormous growth in popularity due to its range of high quality access points. While you will usually find professional grade access points in businesses instead of homes, they provide a benefit in any building. This is especially true for large homes or older buildings with thick walls where a … Read more

Install Zabbix Proxy on pfSense to Monitor Hosts in Remote Sites

Screenshot of Zabbix Proxy configuration page in pfSense

In a multi-site network you will most likely have VPNs connecting your sites, allowing remote connectivity to your main site. However, as these links are not necessarily 100% reliable, a dropped link could potentially result in the loss of monitoring data for a large number of hosts as the agent does not store any data … Read more

Upgrade Zabbix Server to 5.0 LTS

Earlier this month, Zabbix server 5.0 LTS was released. Version 5.0 brings an updated UI, additional cloud integrations and support for the latest Zabbix agent (the old agent is still supported so you don’t need to upgrade the agent on all your hosts immediately). If you are using Zabbix Proxy to monitor some of your … Read more