About Me

Hi, I’m David. I’m an IT and network support engineer based in the UK. IT and especially Open Source technology have been my passion for many years and I spend most of my spare time learning new technologies and building solutions based on them.

I started this blog partly as a way to maintain my own notes on stuff that I’ve built but also in the hope that others may find the guides it contains useful. Many online technology guides I have seen tend to restrict themselves to bullet point steps or lists of commands, not covering the reasons behind doing things a certain way or bypassing security features to make the setup guide simpler.

I aim to provide more detailed instructions with background on why things should be set up the way they are with attention given to security, forward planning and maintainability right from the beginning.

Most of the technology I write about is Linux and Open Source focused as it is readily available without having to worry about licensing considerations. Most of it is technology that I have primarily learned and use in a personal context, hence the homelab theme of the blog. However, most of the technology I cover is perfectly suitable (and often more appropriate) in a business context so don’t let that put you off implementing it in your company.

Outside of technology I enjoy outdoor activities including walking and running as well as gardening, although the latter is complicated by the fact that my current garden is a windowsill.

On 2nd October I will be undertaking a 26 mile hike in support of Cancer Research UK and would be grateful for any donations. If you are interested in donating you can do so here.


If you want to get in touch with me to ask questions or give feedback, I can be contacted on Twitter at @davidshomelab or via email at david@davidshomelab.com. I will always be happy to hear from you and will attempt to respond if I can. I share all new posts to Twitter and LinkedIn so follow for notifications. You can also subscribe to my RSS feeds if that’s your thing.

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